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Elias sees himself as a surgeon first and a vampire a distant second. He wants to understand the vampire condition. On occasions he has said comments that makes sound as if being a vampire is a curable disease.

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During his time as a ghoul, Elias gained Both Fortitude and Potence. Even if Potence came more natural to him, as a ghoul, his life as a surgeon made him test the limits of his Fortitude.

Since his embrace, Elias has mainly invested time in learning disciplines that further his studies of the vampire condition. He mainly use Auspex to notice details the mortal senses would miss, but he is said to know other aspects of the discipline as well. Even ifit is background, as a surgeon, makes him avoid calling it Necromancy that is the discipline he practice the most. He is primarily dedicated in learning the paths that concern the mortal body or the vampire condition. He has yet to become interested in ghosts.

A few people claim to have seen him use Dominate to cover up experiments that had gone wrong.

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